Thursday, March 4, 2010

Remember, I am still running my deal for ALL first time color appointments. It is only $30 for any color your first time with me. Even if you do not have a post card from me it is still only $30. This deal will go on a long time, so if have a friend or family member and you refer them to me then they will receive the first time guest color price of $30!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Some stuff from dating.

so i painted his toes...

Devin sleeping....


On our camping/hotsprings trip with mom, dad, jordan, and shannon's family.

Swimming at a hot springs.

On our hot dog and mallow roast.

Coloring easter eggs.

Some pictures from before we were married. Just thought I would add these to try to get updated on the blog.

Friday, May 29, 2009

How our story begins...

Once upon a time there was a boy named Devin and a girl named Cortney. They met each other a time or two. At the Caldwell Night Rodeo Devin first saw Cortney and said to his sister Janiece, "who is that girl? She is cute."
Janiece replied, "Her name is Cortney."
"How old is she" Devin asked.
"Young" said Janiece.
Devin thought "dang" but just figured since he did have a girl friend he probably should just let it go. Especially since he was checking Cortney out when he was with his girlfriend. So he made Janiece promise not to say a word or he knew he would be in big trouble with his girlfriend.
So time went on. Devin saw Cortney at a institute boating activity. Since Devin was just ending his relationship with that other girl he obviously noticed Cortney again. Since it was a boating activity Cortney was in her swim suit and Devin thought "dang she has nice legs!" but knowing that Cortney was a little young he thought "she's just probably some stupid immature blonde girl" and he just let it go.
In the mean time Cortney noticed Devin. She didn't remember him from before but she noticed him now. It must have been his big muscles. But then the bad news came. Devin was Janiece's older brother who dated Katie and he was way to old for her. So she too let it go.
During the next few months Cortney and Devin saw each other now and again. They went to the drive-in movie together with some friends where Cortney remembers Devin rubbing Phi Phi in her face. The next time was another movie but this time at Devin's parents house with some friends where there was another interesting encounter with Phi Phi. Devin and Travis made an evil plan. Travis threw Cortney over his shoulder as Devin shoved Phi Phi up the back of her sweatshirt. "What a crazy boy," Cortney thought.
So the time went on. Devin and Cortney continued to see each other at institute activities and FHE but that was it. They were just a couple of single kids living the single life. But they still remember little encounters together. Once Cortney had a big cold sore and Devin recommended lysine to make it better. But she still has never followed his advice. Once they got into an apple fight and they both ended up with apples splattered all over their cars.
So the story goes on. Cortney and Devin always noticed another when they would see each other but never once did they do anything about it. Not until one particular day. The day was the 16th of February, 2009. Cortney and Devin went to a big FHE activity and saw each other. They noticed each other and got a little excited. They said hello, talked for a min and then moved on. After all Cortney was suppose to be impressing another boy. But then Devin noticed Cortney again. She was just sitting watching some friends play games. Cortney also noticed Devin this time. A little nervous she just gave him a smile but didn't get up. He gave her a smile back and a bob of the head and Cortney was there to talk with him.
They talked and talked and talked. Devin told Cortney of his new promotion at work, which was very impressive to her. They told each other things about themselves and laughed and joked for a long time. Devin then decided to let Cortney give him a hair cut. She just thought he was just saying that just to be nice and that it would never happen so she didn't think too much of it.
When Devin's ride was finally ready to go Cortney was too. After all she was waiting around because she didn't want to walk to her car that was parked far away alone in the dark. So Devin offered to walk with her. Of course she accepted. So he did. They said good bye and that was it. Cortney didn't think much of it and just figured that hair cut they talked about was never going to happen but Devin had another idea.
On her way home Cortney received some pointless texts from Devin. To most people that would just mean nothing but Devin got Cortney's number from someone so he could text her. The next day he texted her some cute little thing about cutting his hair. So that night after Devin got off of work Cortney went to his house and cut his hair. They then got burgers and shakes and watched a movie at his parents.
Then it all began. Devin invited Cortney to Jenica's and Kendra's state basketball game on Thursday night. Of course she said yes. Then something magical happened. They won! So they advanced onto the next game. Of course she couldn't miss it so Devin invited Cortney again. Then for the second night in a row something magical happened again....they won! That meant they would be advancing onto the state finals. And of course Cortney couldn't miss that game so Devin invited her again.
They spent the whole weekend together and both wondered what would happen. Cortney just assumed there would be nothing because there was no way Devin was interested in the younger girl. But Devin had another idea and told Karissa that he saw potential and wanted to date Cortney.
They didn't see each other the following day but cute little Devin admitted wishing they were together and Cortney just ate that up. The following day they were together again and the dating began. He even held her hand, after only a week! Oh my goodness, the story even gets better. The next night her kissed her...luckily because he almost gave up. Cortney was playing hard to get just to tease Devin a little. Thankfully he didn't give up or he might have just never kissed her.
And that's how the story of Devin and Cortney began.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its time...

We have a blog! Now that Devin and I will be moving out of single life into the married world we thought we should start with a blog since that seems to be what married women do!